We have a dedicated team of source code review specialists and domain experts with extensive experience in advising law firms in lawsuits which have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements for our clients. We also regularly engage with our network of experts to prepare expert witness reports to produce winning outcomes for our clients.


We have consulted on a range of cases ranging from patent infringement litigation to lawsuits related to misappropriation of trade secrets. We understand that every case is unique and a cookie-cutter approach is not usually the smartest way to approach a new project. At the same time, building on years of diverse experience, we have maintained a repository of learnings from past successes which we use to fine-tune our approach based on the client’s requirements.

The team at Wissen Research undergoes comprehensive training on all aspects of the source code review in IP discovery and special emphasis is laid on the need to maintain confidentiality and prevent unauthorized use of sensitive information.

Our reviewers have expertise across all major programming languages and platforms used today.