State of Art Search is conducted to know about the inventions prevailing in the same domain as of the client.

Searches are performed to find all relevant prior art that are directed towards the invention. The report of the search will enable you to understand about the latest research occurring within your field and enable you to modify your invention accordingly.

It is designed to provide latest information about progress in a particular technical field, a State of the Art Patent Search is the most general of all the patent searches. It is essentially a market survey that takes a broad, sweeping look at everything that has been done in a given art.State of art

Objective for State of Art Search:

For a client who is sough-ting entry into a field, the results of a State of the Art Search results may provide the facts in support or against such decision. For a client currently active in a particular field, the State of the Art Search results can provide a way to design the product near to the already available art but distinct from it.

Encountering a particular problem, there is no better option than to look at already available solutions rather than blindly spending resources to build up a new solution. A State of the Art Search allows a client to learn what technology already exists and then to build on it. A State of the Art Search also allow an organization to identify new competitors and peers in market.

In most cases, a State of the Art Search can save a client a great deal of time and money.

Analyzing what work has previously been done, what problems have been discovered and how they have been solved, who is active in the field of art, and the timeline of development in that area can prevent a client from losing a great deal of resources.