multiple needles Syringe


To draft patent application related to a medical device that stores multiple needles and may be used at once.


Client was not aware of the final design of the product. He has some rough sketches and we had about 1 month to draft before expiry of the provisional patent.


We planned to file the patent in a broad way, though keeping the novelty intact. We drafted the claims first from the rough sketches and took approval of the client. We drafted one independent claim and six dependent claims. Then, we finalized the description section. Thereafter, client got a designer who changed the design of the syringe, however, mechanism remain the same. Therefore, we were made to make minor adjustments in claims and the description. We first filed in US on 2014-02-12 and later filed a PCT too.


The patent faced one rejection due to similarity with a combination of prior-arts under USC 103. However, there was a major difference which we managed to let the examiner know and got approval on the patent in 2016.

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