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EV cooling / heating system for Electric motor (Technology scouting and monitoring)

Due to increasing adoption of electric trucks and designing of heat pump based HVAC systems. There is rising demand for automatic air conditioning in EVs. Where, Nano fluid is a novel grade of thermal cooling fluids created by dispersing solid particles between 20 and 60 nm in size. Nano fluid has significantly higher heat conductivity and heat transfer coefficient than the conventional coolant used in conventional automotive cooling system

Compostable Packaging (Technology scouting and Technology intelligence)

Compostable packaging is a kind of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging material that can be composted at home or in an industrial composting facility. It can be made from a combination of compostable plant material (such as corn) and compostable plastic called poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)

Autonomous vehicles for human well-being (Competitive intelligence)

Autonomous vehicle can serve as a blessing to human beings as it serves people with disabilities, like the blind, provides self-sufficiency as it makes seniors more independent as well as highly automated vehicles can help them live the life as they want

Nanotechnology in textile industry(Technology Forecast)

Nano finishing benefited a first generation of Nano-enhanced textiles. Using nanoparticles to coat textiles and clothing surfaces is a way to create highly active surfaces that can block UV rays, inhibit microbes and bacteria, resist static electricity, and be flame retardant as well as water and oil repellent, wrinkle resistant, and self-cleaning