Wissen Research team consists of professionals from all engineering domain. In order to maintain quality output, each professional is trained in specific services. Further, Wissen has divided the team into various domain specific groups. Thus, each domain specific group is allotted to specific project, where a team lead is having a minimum of 3 years.

Using Multiple Key Strings – String with varied scope to cover maximum patents in the domain.

Wissen Research prohibits usage of funnel approach to filter out results. Multiple key-strings are executed to cover the same scope to ensure 360 degrees coverage around the subject patent. Various key-strings are executed such as keywords based, class based, inventor based, assignee based and various in-house strategies to identify relevant prior-arts.

Multi Lingual searches – In-house team of translators

Wissen Research provides in-house team of translators with science background to regular clients. Wissen hires inters from AIESEC as translators for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and German under confidentiality agreements to assist our experience researchers to search in their native languages on local databases.

Weekend Turnaround Time – For Immediate projects at no extra costs.

Regular clients get the benefit of quick turnaround time on any project without any extra cost. We input maximum effort and commitment to meet such harsh deadlines without compromising the quality. Further, we are available to take immediate calls on weekends to complete the project on time.

Customized & User Friendly ReportsHigh providing perceptive Knowledge on scope of projects

We have been delivering various report formats to various clients. Our reports format includes options such as simple, recommended and detailed, depending upon the requirements of the client. These reports may be delivered in any format such as PDF, Word, and Excel. Word report allows our client to edit the report as per their requirement.

Database Coverage- 105 countries

We use databases like Orbit, Thomson Innovation, Total Patent to identify relevant prior-arts. Further, we have access to various non-patent databases such as Pubmed, IEEE, ACM etc. We are ready to incorporate various other databases as required by the client.