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Gospel truth is a very important factor while choosing your partner. We understand this and make sure that we put in everything to get you what we have promised.

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Withal technology is being produced today. Therefore, we use advanced contrivance in our projects to gravely increase the capability of our clients to find relevant results.


We pride ourselves on our ability to think like a business and tailor our legal services to achieve legal business objective that makes sense.


We know that no two companies are alike, so our solutions are customized to clients’ objectives. Our philosophy is simple - put the client first and offer practical and effective solutions.


Business success means to you. If you know us, you know we have got your results, capital and risk management covered.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our professional integrity, and believe that it’s our people that make the difference.

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Every invention is patentable only if it fulfills all the criteria of patentability. The idea behind it should be non-obviousness and has novelty too. A prior art search makes it ascertain whether the invention is new and distinct..
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Wissen Research provides a well-equipped draftsmen who have vast experience in drafting inventions in various domains. We know the importance of claims, hence the scope of invention is
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Wissen Research Provides IP Asset Management Services which Includes- Patent Portfolio Analysis, Patent Licensing, Patent Valuation, White Space, Analysis and Infringement Search.
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We file Patents according to the laws for various Patent and Trademark Offices and prosecute the case till the invention is granted a Patent.We assist attorneys and perform vital functions in filing and....
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Why Choose Us

At Wissen Research we blend technical experience with legal awareness to advise on all aspects of patent and trademark law around the world. Whether your world involves brands, ideas, innovations, designs or business solutions, our experts can help you protect these valuable IP assets to help your business succeed.

Client's Feedback

Wissen Research Team is a wizard with patents, trademarks and all things to do with intellectual property. They made the daunting task of filing for a patent enjoyable and exciting. I highly recommend Wissen Research and I’m looking forward to work on another project with their skills and expertise.

Matt Matt Adams


I do not believe that I have ever worked with a more pragmatic, efficient person. I was on the cusp of losing a patent due to an inadequate attorney. Not only did Piyush work with me and my patent examiner to straighten out the claims, he was also 100% responsible for my patent allowance. I cannot thank him enough and will use no one other than Piyush going forward. I fell blessed to have found him and in my mind he is a genius!

Maryann (Dzibela) Mueller

Inventor at Patents To Products

I have worked with Wissen Research over the course of 3 yrs where they has fleshed out and filed more than 30 provisional patents and 7 granted non-provisional patents with a superior technical ability that made the process painless and productive. I continue to work with them on our IP needs and highly recommend their services!

Dan Canobbio

Chief Product Designer

Piyush has helped us draft and file a number of US patents. He is very thorough in his research and drafting. He has immense skills in writing effective claims. He is also instrumental in being able to draft strong responses to examiner's inquiries. It is always a pleasure to have Piyush on our side.

Rakesh Dhawan

President and CEO at Falco eMotors Inc.

There isn't enough that I can say about Nikhil, apart from drafting several of our utility patents and getting our multi-needle syringe patent granted, Nikhil becomes a friend and partner in the venture as he commits limitless hours to getting the job done right and on time with an unbeatable price! Nikhil will make himself available at anytime regardless of how late it might be to assure that the job is being done correctly via various communication methods. I strongly recommend Nikhil for any IP needs.


Registered Nurse/Entrepreneur

Piyush is the best patent attorney that I've worked with. He actually fixed a patent application for me and worked with me throughout the entire process to completion. After 2 years, my patent is granted. I could not have done it without his help. His communication and attention to detail is great and I will always go to him when I need help with IP. Piyush is the best!

Phillip Duong

Workforce Ready Implementation Consultant at Sability

I got in touch with Wissen by accident and I got amazed by their knowledge and skills. They understood quickly my idea and prepared all necessary paperwork within short period of time. We filed and as a result, 18 months later I got notice of the patent being granted. It was granted on the first attempt and no office actions by USPO. Thank you Wissen

Mike Fleysher

Head of IHC IT Controls at BNP Paribas


Software Application
Optical laser
Oscillator Drive Circuit
multiple needles Syringe
Sampling Cotton by mechanical unit

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