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Technology Research

Technology Research

Have you ever wondered how large businesses become industry leaders? The answer is that those big companies are aware of the need for a system to predict what’s coming.

Innovative industries must constantly keep an eye out for emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt their industry.

What is Technology Research?

Technology research is a process that helps businesses to recognise technological opportunities and dangers (technology) that may have an impact on their future survival and success. It strives to gather and disseminate the technology data required for long-term planning and decision-making (business intelligence).

Why Technology Research?

Technology research will help you identify the following:
  • Any new emerging technology areas
  • The level of competition
  • Industry’s current and emerging issues
  • Most recent developments and trends in a particular field
  • How you are seen in comparison to your competition, and how your competitors attract customers
  • Your possible clients, their location, and clients that are most likely to do business with you

Why choose Wissen Research for Technology Research?

  • Wissen Research’s Technology Research Service will help you to identify, analyse, and evaluate all existing or developing innovations that are required to start, finalize, or expedite the development of a new technology or product.
  • We assist our clients to identify new technological opportunities and determine the most appropriate solutions to their demands and technical challenges. Our experienced professionals will aid you to gain access to data that will help you generate unique solutions to real-world problems.
  • We provide professional technology research services for recognizing, finding, and analysing innovative technology both within and beyond your industry.
  • With more than 10 years of experience, our technology scouting experts have a geographic reach.
  • We assist diverse networks, including R&D teams, start-up companies, innovators, and institutions, in collaboration.
  • Our team provides customized reports that ranks technology based on scalability, feasibility, and different parameters.
  • We conduct SWOT analysis on our client’s portfolio (patents & products) as well as on competitors’ portfolios to deliver valuable insights.