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Technology Intelligence

Technology Intelligence​

“Technology Intelligence is an Asset: Delivers value Now and in Future”

Future is full of uncertainties and to grow in such a competitive place, you must respond properly as per the:

  • Evolving Market Dynamics
  • Changing Customer
  • Expectations &
    Systematic Risk

Technology Intelligence plays a very important role for companies to identify emerging technological opportunities and threats that can have a direct or indirect impact on revenues, profits, growth and company’s survival.

Technology Intelligence (TI) is used by organizations as a tool to gather and distribute data about emerging technologies to support decision-making. Utilizing TI, an organization can keep a close eye on upcoming technologies that it could leverage to its advantage as well as those that could endanger its existing operations.

Technology Intelligence is very crucial for success of tech-based companies. It provides useful knowledge for decision making to the organisations. It is the key factor for the competiveness of the technology across companies and nations and strategic security especially for those companies who are dedicated towards innovation.

As technology life cycles shorten and businesses become more globalized, having effective Technology Intelligence capabilities has become increasingly important if companies want to become “Tech-Pioneer”.

What technology intelligence includes:

Knowledge about new technologies and business prospects is generated by technology intelligence, which is crucial for the successful growth of businesses:
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Why choose Wissen Research’s Technology Intelligence Service?

Wissen Research aims to perform Technology Intelligence for clients to capture and disseminate the technological information needed for their strategic planning and decision-making. We cover a wide range of activities, including scouting networks, patent mining tools, calls for information via idea competitions, or working with external intermediaries, so that our consultants can search new trends for you.

  • We always search for opportunities in technology and innovation
  • We support our client’s success in entrepreneurial endeavours
  • We offer information that is crucial for making wise decisions
  • Our research enables our client to become more aware of technological potential as well as risks
  • Additionally, we evaluate the state of the art in each technical discipline and characterise relevant developments
  • Proactively spotting emerging technological prospects
  • We provide aids in avoiding risks and undesirable technical surprises related to technology intelligence