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Patentability Search

An Ultra-wideband (UWB) for Indoor Positioning comprising a system/method to optimize the Ultra-wideband (UWB) pulse shaping for a required power spectral density.

Invalidation Search

A space-time coding block adapted to produce M space-time coded symbols per input set of M symbols, each input set of M symbols comprising one symbol per symbol substream, each of the M space-time coded symbols being included in a respective one of M space-time coded streams, wherein each symbol of the M symbol substreams is represented in all M space-time coded streams.

Infringement Search

One or more packet processors enabled to sort the specific types of packets into two or more categories for processing, and a set of hardware queues of a network access controller (NAC) for queuing the packets according to category; characterized in that the CPU processes the queued packets according to category.

Evidence of Use (Standard Mapping)

The interworking service allows non-AP STAs to access services provided by an external network according to the subscription or other characteristics of that external network. An IEEE Std 802.11 non-AP STA might have a subscription relationship with an external network, e.g., with an SSPN.

Technology Landscaping

A two-tiered view of the keywords and phrases found within records in the technology space. This can be used to influence subsequent patent searches by making you aware of the more common terms used in this technology space. It is also useful to identify terms that are commonly associated with other similar terms.