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Consumer Insights


To stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world, brands require immediate and comprehensive customer insights. Consumer choice and decision-making behaviour are influenced by a variety of factors and barriers. Furthermore, given the new level of uncertainty, businesses must be quick to recognize and respond to the appropriate customer signals.

At Wissen research, we assist you in successfully capturing these signals and determining the right measures to achieve superior results.

Wissen Research provides a 360-degree view of consumers through a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative research as well as social listening. We collaborate with Insight teams all over the world to find answers to the what, why, and how of consumer behaviour.

You can rely on our consumer insights to build an enduring competitive advantage, whether you need to identify target consumers, fine-tune your marketing strategy, analyze consumer behaviour, assess awareness, or test an innovative product.

How we help

We conduct a variety of consumer research studies across B2B and B2C segments and translate them into insights brands can act upon.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction– Meet consumer needs by uncovering factors influencing product/service loyalty, advocacy, and repeat purchases. Get insights on potential recommendation opportunities or attrition over time.

Customer segmentation- Discovering who the customers are, what their behaviour and preferences are and their shared characteristics.

Voice of customer-Ensures your decisions at a business are aligned with the needs of a customer. It’s obtaining feedback from those who matter most.