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Licensing Support

Creating an invention and getting a patent on it is an expensive process and requires a lot of investment before it starts giving you a return on investment. So, if you are someone who is looking to use a patented technology but don’t want the tedious process of getting involved in between then Licensing a patent is the best option for you.

Patent licensing is the practice of assigning ownership of a patent to a third party so that they can manufacture and sell your innovation either exclusively or non-exclusively in exchange for a certain amount of royalties.

Also, technology companies that already have patents always have a scope of technology that they need to license or acquire some patents from a third party. This comes as a handy strategy for companies to stay competitive in the market.

Why License your Patent?

  • A proven strategy to convert your product idea into reality and ensure you royalty, without investing in any manufacturing.
  • Retain your ownership of the patent.
  • Easy and quick launching of the product – by licensing your patent to a well-famed company.
  • Easy to enter foreign markets.
  • Eliminating the risk of Patent Infringement.


Benefits of Patent Licensing

To Patent owners:

  • You retain the rights over your intellectual property
  • Your intellectual property will be able to generate revenue for you
  • New applicability of your invention will be discovered in the new markets
  • Enhance the marketability of your innovation

To Patent licensee:

  • Create new market opportunities
  • Less investment as compared to the complete process of inventing a product to getting a patent on it
  • Accelerating your time by launching product fast in the market
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors

Why choose Wissen Research for licensing support?

Wissen Research helps you with a list of manufacturers who may be interested in your product and use databases to search for the companies that make a product like yours. Wissen’s patent licensing services have been structured and customized to help patent owners and IP counsel identify the strongest aspects of your patents.

Through an in-depth evaluation of our client’s portfolios, we assist them in choosing the suitable patent licensing in/out approach.

We endeavour to create the licensing process easier for interested parties and give a stronger negotiating stance for extracting the maximum value from patents by doing a thorough background analysis.

  • Evaluating the value of the patent by conducting infringement and validation analysis.
  • We help you in cross-licensing so that you can acquire those patents which will increase the value of your portfolio.
  • Technology evaluation