Negotiation Contract Management

In the procurement process, effective contract negotiation is vital. The absence of a detailed contract, as well as a thorough evaluation of the contract, put both parties at risk. Wissen Research recognizes the need of conducting research prior to beginning the negotiating process.

The effort of reaching an agreement on a set of legally binding terms between two companies is contract negotiation. When two companies deal, they both want to get the best deal possible and reduce their financial, legal, and operational risks.

What we do?

Wissen Research learns the facts about the current supply chain environment and how they will affect your agreements. We’ll collaborate closely with your procurement team to enable you and your suppliers to achieve a successful and mutually beneficial solution. Our skilled negotiation services also include contract drafting, which protects your rights and ensures that all parties are treated fairly.


  • Detailed Review of terms and conditions: We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all contract terms, including pricing, conditions, compliance, supplier service duties, and purchaser and supplier performance measures.

  • Marketplace comparison: Comparing the terms and conditions of a contract to similar agreements in the same vertical market is a solid way for evaluating its fairness. We’ll look over your contract to make sure it’s competitive in the marketplace and long-term viable.

  • Conflict resolution steps: Even if a contract is well-drafted, conflicts can develop throughout its execution. We shall guarantee that adequate measures are put in place to address disputes in a fair and timely manner.

  • Identifying the meeting point: The most effective talks are those in which the parties can reach an agreement. Our experienced negotiators have the insight to determine each party’s most pressing demands and discover a way to meet them.


Why choose Wissen Research?

  • More than 8 plus years of experience in legal industry.

  • Leading service provider in Legal Process Outsourcing company registered since 2013.

  • An in-depth examination of the proposed contract.
  • An examination of price, terms, and conditions, as well as service terms.
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