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Product Research


Wissen Research provides comprehensive Product Research Services to help firms identify critical market problems and prepare for successful product design and development. Our product research service provides insights that help organizations analyze concepts, customer demand, and market need at every stage of the product design and development process.


  • Assists businesses in identifying unmet needs and analyze competitors’ offerings to develop new products.
  • Enables realistic revenue estimations that provide insight into product-specific revenues, hence increasing the value proposition.
  • Assist with product launch planning and analysis at an early stage in product development.


Entry Strategies

The game of new market entry is of high risk and high return. In one geography or category, a brand’s formula for success can backfire in another. Any new market entry is complicated by a number of considerations. Buying power and price sensitivity can be affected by market-specific economic forces. Perception and behaviour are shaped by complex social and cultural variables. Not to mention the obstacles posed by government and regulatory agencies, complex distribution ecosystems, and well-established competitors.

Wissen research helps expansion-focused brands reformulate for success. With an all-encompassing, regionally detailed market evaluation, we carefully assess potential and mitigate risk to inform your next strategic market entry.


Questions we answer in our opportunity analysis:
  • What interesting trends in the market can the company profitably explore?
  • What are the social and demographic changes that are presenting new opportunities in the market?
  • Can any government policies and regulations help the industry and company?
  • Are there any opportunities related to technological developments?
Product positioning
We assist our clients in providing information on consumer wants, competitive challenges, available correspondence channels, and other factors in order to maintain and improve their product’s market position.
Procurement and supplier management

Wissen Research is a leader in the delivery of customized procurement and supply chain research services in India and across the globe. Our research coverage extends across the globe covering six continents and encompasses all the critical components of an organizations supply chain.

Our Capabilities in Procurement and Supply Chain include:

  • Procurement Research and Analytics
  • Pricing Research and Analytics
  • Material Cost Models
  • Supplier Market Research
  • Vendor Identification
  • Distribution Research and Analytics
Geography assessment

Whether you’re a brand looking to go global, or a small business focusing more on the local market, geographic segmentation is one of the most effective types of market segmentation.

Geographic segmentation is a marketing approach that focuses on people who reside or shop in a specific area. It is based on the assumption that individuals in that area have common requirements, wants, and cultural considerations.

By understanding what people in that area require, brands can target more relevant marketing messages and suitable products to customers who are then aware and more likely to buy.

Product benchmarking

Product benchmarking assists in identifying marketing and sales blind spots, underperforming marketing strategies, and content optimization initiatives, as well as identifying areas for business process improvement and new market growth.

Benchmarking your product allows you to see how you stack up against industry leaders, the industry average, and specific competitors.