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Patent Filing Service

Wissen research benefits clients in archive public and worldwide patent applications anyplace in the world. We avail innovation to make interaction great and ensure that you never miss abounding. For the filing process, the patent is drafted and reviewed by the inventor, then filed in the government patent office, and a receipt with the patent application number is secured. The very first and crucial consideration in filing a patent is, which type of patent are you filing for. there are several sorts of patent applications that can be submitted in the patent office: viz. Provisional Patent, Nonprovisional patent, and PCT Application. In the event that you are in the beginning phases of innovative work for your creation, you can file a provisional application. It provides the following advantages:
  • Secures filing date
  • 12 months of time to file complete specification
  • Low cost 
On the other hand, Filing the provisional specification is a discretionary step; if you have complete information about your invention, you can proceed directly to the complete Patent application. Another type is a PCT application, which is an internationally perceived application that permits you to file a solitary application to secure your invention in 142 countries and is governed by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). It can be filed with any country’s National Patent Office, which acts as a Receiving Office, or with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Why choose Wissen Research?

Each Inventor, who desires to ensure his/her intellectual property needs to go through a maze of complexity to file their patent application. Patent filing requires basic knowledge and proper documentation to deal with the procedural complications faced by the common man. At Wissen research, Our professionals can assist you to set up the best patent paperwork and explore the crucial proceeding of filing a patent in India and across the world. They are familiar with all procedural necessities of the patent office. Our patent expertise and counsel have specialized in PCT and International filings. We embrace filings at practically all wards with the assistance of our joint efforts with patent lawyers in different nations.