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Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Monitoring Services

By keeping track of various fresh trademark applications and identifying identical and/or similar marks, Trademark Monitoring assists in keeping a careful check on potential infringement.

It alerts you whenever a mark appears that closely resembles your specific criteria, allowing you to assess the situation and take appropriate action to prevent this potential infringement.

Trademark Monitoring Service is the quickest and most convenient way to maintain track of your existing trademarks. You can promptly react and respond to any new registrations that contradict your protected mark if you stay updated about them. This could save your precious money in legal bills in a long run, as well as enables you to save time while safeguarding your valuable intellectual property.

Benefits of Trademark Monitoring:

If your trademark is not properly monitored, its distinctiveness may be seriously harmed. You can lower the amount of trademark infringement cases through early detection and corrective action. You can keep an eye on trademark-related activity with the use of trademark monitoring.

By conducting Trademark Monitoring, you can deter brand imitation. The following are some advantages of trademark monitoring:

  • Look for word and meaning similarities that go beyond simple matching.
  • Make use of the ability to recognize similarities in appearance and sound
  • Delivers timely reports on intellectual property to you.
  • Trademark monitoring is a simple and economic analysis

What is the main objective of Trademark Monitoring?

The objective of Trademark Monitoring is intended to identify infringers quickly so that proper legal action can be taken against them as soon as possible in order to avoid the situation of brand dilution.

How Wissen Research Benefits you by doing Trademark Monitoring?

Wissen Research assist you in Trademark Monitoring by checking if someone else is registering a similar name, logo, or design by ‘monitoring’ new applications filed with any jurisdiction Trademark Office. Our report includes various information about applications filed and accepted by the Trademark Registry which are comparable or deceptively similar to the registered trademark, such as word meanings, phonetic similarities, and visual resemblances. An individual can select, what steps to take to safeguard the registered trademark based on the report.

How you can easily set up a Trademark Monitoring?

With the assistance of Trademark Monitoring experts, you can easily set up a Trademark Monitoring. These experts can offer useful information on events, such as the filing and publication of a new application. 


Most important: Best time to stop other businesses filing trademark similar to yours is when they are publishing it. 

Why choose Wissen Research to conduct Trademark Monitoring?

Trademark Monitoring requires a robust tool for proactive monitoring of registered marks and devices must consider the depth and breadth of the brand owner’s portfolio. Here are the reasons why you should choose Wissen Research to conduct Trademark Monitoring/Monitoring:

  • When a potentially conflicting mark is registered, our team quickly notify you.
  • Preventing you from wasting time and money on legal proceedings and legal expenses.
  • We keep track of any new trademark applications to make sure, no one else is trying to use your trademarked name, slogan, or logo.