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Inventor Watch and Patent Watch

Inventor Watch and Patent Watch

Having Patent rights helps you to ensure that you get competitive edge over your competition in the market. But, what if your rights get diluted?

Someone out there is using your hard-earned patent on your invention without your permission and you don’t know about it. Is it a favorable situation to be in? No, right? That’s why you need inventor and Patent watch service.

Inventor Watch and Patent Watch

Surveillance of patents is vital in ensuring its market worth. Our expertise specializes in patent watch activities, which prevent registrations of innovations that are identical or similar to yours. Trust Wissen Research to keep an eye on your IP activities; our patent watch services are comprehensive, customized, and designed to keep you ahead of the competition.

Keeping a close eye on your own and your competitors’ IP activities is extremely important since it reduces risk and helps you to maximize your resources. Patent monitoring of your portfolio helps you stay ahead of the competition by identifying potentially infringing patents, technology development, R&D strategies, early identification of challenging harmful applications, patent transfers, and spotting new licensing and acquisition possibilities as they arise.

Why should you use patent watch service?

Anywhere in the globe, if a patent comparable to yours is requested without opposition, it might be granted, leading to possible infringement problems.

If not resolved right away, these issues could lower the value of your intellectual property and potentially lead to more infringements.

How does patent watch service work?

The patent watch is carried out using a cutting-edge technical system that examines patents submitted in any jurisdiction.

We commit to letting you know as soon as an invention with similar technological features to yours is found and to give you a good plan for moving forward with a suitable response.

Can anyone request patent watch service?

Owners who want to maintain the value and protection of their assets should keep a close eye on patents, especially if these advances are highly pertinent to their line of work.

Why Choose Wissen Research for your Patent and Inventor watch service?

Wissen research is able to monitor IP activity on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis depending on your requirements. There are different watch services that we offer:

  • Inventor watch

We perform inventor searches to keep you updated by identifying patents, non-patent literature filed/published by an inventor.

The search is performed to check whether the inventor is stealing/informing proprietary information of the previous employer company to the current company.

  • Patent watch

We conduct a patent watch service to keep you informed on the current status of the patent. For example, legal status, current assignee, maintenance fees status, a life of the patent, security interest, litigation check, licensing check, and other information required as per your requirement.