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Global Market Research

“Are you looking for market insights about new start-ups or tech companies emerging in a specific field?”

Well, the answer of this question is market research. Market research plays an important role when it comes to understanding various aspects of the industry landscape for both start-ups and tech-related companies. While the technology sector’s rapid rate of change offers great potential for expansion, companies must act quickly to capture a substantial portion of the market.

Market research allows you to gain insights into various aspects that will help you leverage market opportunities efficiently and effectively.

What is Market Research?

Market research is the process of systematic compilation, research, and interpretation of data. With the help of market research, a company can understand various insights about their target market and learn more about various products and services.

The data derived from market research could be about customers, competitors, a target market or the entire industry. Market research is essential in cases involving intellectual property, such as licencing, technology transfer, and infringement.

Purpose of Market Research

The main purpose of market research is to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Since a product will rarely appeal to every consumer equally, a strong market research study can assist in identifying the main market segments and demographics most likely to purchase a specific product.

Benefits of Market Research

The most successful brands use market research data to evaluate their strategy and choice-making processes, from product development to marketing segmentation.

The market research gives you essential facts about your industry and competitive environment. Here are the benefits of conducting Market Research:

  • Identifying your competitors
  • Promising start-ups in which you may consider investing or partnering
  • Markets that a certain technology covers
  • Product launches by different players in the market
  • Recognising potential risks, such as the entry of a giant from a different industry
  • Innovative products created by market players

Why choose Wissen Research?

Wissen Research bridges the gap by fusing market research with insights from patent data, a rich source of publicly available technical information.
We provide company profiles in the business, their decision-making process, size, revenue, market position, mergers and acquisitions to understand and analyse their business.

  •  We offer in-depth primary research centred on significant market trends and issues.
  • We help our clients by providing information about their customers’ needs, competitive pressures, accessible correspondence channels, and others to preserve and upgrade their product’s position in the market.
  • Every market research report is led by a team of subject and research experts who make comments about information critical to your business that can be applied for better sales.
  • We develop a positioning strategy for our clients with our expertise in primary and secondary research to assist them in grasping their unique selling points and capturing the market.
  • We update our clients by providing them with information regarding recent announcements related to mergers and acquisitions, product recalls, new product launches, etc.