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Trademark and Copyright

Trademark and Copyright

Trademark and Copyright are two categories of intellectual property rights that give the product’s creator control over how others may use it for a predetermined period. Before getting the right registrations to preserve it, business owners who want to register intellectual property must first comprehend the distinctions between the two. Let’s discuss trademark and copyright briefly.

Trademark and Copyright

Trademarks can be anything from any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these that distinguishes your products or services. Trademarks help your customers to recognize you in the marketplace and differentiate you from your rivals.

Both trademarks and service marks are included under the umbrella term “TRADEMARK.” A service mark is used for services, whereas a trademark is used for commodities.

A trademark:

  • Identifies the origin of your products or services;
  • Offers legal protection for your brand; and
  • Aids in preventing fraud and counterfeiting.


The legal term “copyright” (sometimes known as “author’s right”) is used to refer to the ownership rights that authors and other artists have over their creative works.

The types of works protected by copyright include computer programmes, databases, ads, maps, and technical drawings in addition to books, music, paintings, sculptures, and films.

The majority of the time, laws do not contain comprehensive lists of works that are protected by copyright. However, generally speaking, works frequently covered by copyright globally include:

  • Literary works like books, plays, poetry, and newspaper articles as well as computer programmes, databases, motion pictures, music compositions, and dance;
  • Works of art like sculpture, photos, drawings, and paintings; ads, maps, and technical drawings, as well as architecture.

Only expressions are covered by the copyright; ideas, procedures, operational methods, and pure mathematical notions are not. Depending on whether they contain sufficient authorship, a variety of things including titles, slogans, or logos may or may not be protected by copyright.

How Wissen Research can help you with Copyright and Trademark?

As soon as one begins making efforts to put a business idea or product into action, such as setting up a corporation, getting licenses, or ensuring product production, one should identify which components of the business and products are protected by trademark and copyright. To protect them from unfair competition, these types of intellectual property require a different set of procedures, that is why consulting a professional is essential.

Our team at Wissen Research is well-positioned to assist you in solving your trademark and copyright issues across all borders. We make your trademark and copyright filing simple & convenient through our global reach and knowledge.

For Trademarks, we provide services like

  • Trademark Filing
  • Trademark Portfolio Analysis
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Search


For Copyrights, we provide services for:

  • Copyright Filing