Patent Licensing Support - An Overview

Patent licensing is the practice of assigning ownership of a patent to a third party so that they can manufacture and sell your innovation either exclusively or non-exclusively in exchange for a certain amount of royalties.

Why License your Patent?

  • An easy method to convert your product idea into reality, without having to invest any resources while ensuring you royalty.

  • Retain your ownership of the patent.

  • The stress of manufacturing costs vanishes for the licensor.

  • Easy and quick launching of the product – by licensing your patent to a well-famed company.

  • Easy to enter foreign markets.


Why choose Wissen Research?

Wissen Research- +A pool of technologically sound team members, provide help you to find with a list of manufacturers, who may be interested in your product. and use paid databases to search for the companies that make product like yours.

Provides an in-depth evaluation of clients’ portfolios, thereby, assist end users, in choosing the suitable patent licensing in/out approach.

Wissen’s patent licensing services have been structured and customized to help patent owners and IP counsel identify the strongest aspects of your patents.

Through an in-depth evaluation of our clients’ portfolios, we assist them in choosing the suitable patent licensing in/out approach.

We Provides endeavor to create the licensing process easier for interested parties and give a stronger negotiating stance for extracting the maximum value from patents by doing a thorough background analysis.

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