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Patent Broker

Patent Broker/Patent Brokerage Service

Being in the market, a patent can be considered the new currency of the knowledge-based economy. A patent broker is someone who helps you to liquidate this currency in the best possible way. The knowledge-based economy is strengthening because of the sale and acquisition of Patents. Patent Brokers help patent owners to monetize their sleeping assets to fetch results in the best possible way. A patent broker represents patent owners in the sale, acquisition, licensing, or other monetization of the patents. A patent broker contacts different buyers and help you reach target buyer and do the handles the documentation part.

In this process of Patent Monetization, patent buyers build a strong patent portfolio and patent sellers monetize their assets in the best possible way. Both buyer and seller must work with a patent broker as they help them to get optimum results most easily.

We also conduct proper infringement search so that we can identify who are potential buyers and how they either acquire or license your patented technology. We properly map your patent claims by Evidence of Use chart to the individual who infringed your patented and see if they are interested to buy or license your patented technology.

How you can monetize a patent?

You can monetize a patent by contacting a Patent Broker who will help you sell your patent at the best value available in the market. Patent Broker can provide you with services that will help you to monetize your patent most efficiently. 

What is IP monetization?

IP monetization is a way by which you can generate revenue from various industries using your intellectual property, such as a patent. The task of IP monetization is becoming difficult with increasing competition in the market. That’s why you need a patent broker who can help you monetize your IP in the best possible way. 

How can an invention be patented as a source of revenue for owners?

The invention being patented can be a source of revenue for owners in two ways: one they can provide a license to the companies and get royalties or they can sell their patents and receive money in return for it. 

What are the good practices for patent monetization?

The 4 good practices for patent monetization are: 

  • Set your monetization Goals
  • Identify which Patents you want to Monetize
  • Find out the Criteria that can be used in selecting patents to monetize. For example, the criteria for your patent monetization can be: 
  • The value offered by patent
  • Strength of the claims of the concerned patents
  • Find out if Anyone infringing the patent
  • Establish a pricing mechanism based on market
  • Formulate strategies to monetize patent

Why choose Wissen Research for Patent Brokerage service?

Wissen research excels in providing brokerage services to both parties with the help of our vast network of contacts. We help patent owners monetize their inactive IP assets and help patent buyers quickly build/strengthen their patent portfolios. You can take Patent brokerage service from us for the following reason:  

  • Our patent brokers with decades of experience, provide services to navigate through the procedure with ease.
  • We prepare proper claim charts and run infringement searches to identify Potential buyers.
  • We select right patents from portfolio and do ranking your patents in the most efficient way.
  • We handle both patent portfolios and single-patent transactions.
  • We examine all surrounding circumstances and offer the portfolio with accurate pricing and guidance that accurately reflects the assets’ value.
  • Our patent broker keeps both parties updated on the status of the sale at all times.