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Patent Due Diligence

Patent Due Diligence (IP Due Diligence)

IP due diligence is simply an audit to examine the number and quality of intellectual property assets held or licensed by a firm or individual. It is generally performed out by the target company’s prospective buyer. It may also help a seller determine the worth of their intellectual property to devise the optimal strategy for a future transaction, such as licensing agreement.

Patent Due Diligence is a cost effective tools for companies as it helps them to determine value of their own patent portfolio. This allows them to asses and mitigate the risk of patent infringement.

What is Patent Due Diligence?

Patent Due Diligence is the process of examining a company’s patent or set of patents to support their business objectives. Patent Due diligence helps an organization to assess various perspectives as they acquire patents. It helps them to get information whether a patent is valid or enforceable.

Patent Due Diligence helps the organization to ascertain that patent claims are valid and there are no issues related to enforceability of the patent.

When is it suitable to do Patent Due Diligence?

Various organizations conduct patent due diligence while having an internal audit, patent or company acquisition, valuation of company or IP assts. The suitability to conduct a Patent Due Diligence is:

  • During the times of merger and acquisition to know the value of IP assets.
  • When IP assets are being monetized i.e. Licensing or Divestment
  • When you receive a legal notice
  • While developing sets of Single patents



The benefits of conducting Patent Due Diligence are:

    • Aids in the detection of formal issues with intellectual property rights.
    • It enables the prompt rectification of any discrepancies before the implementation of a legal contract.
    • Protects the deal from being declared null and invalid or undervalued by the purchaser owing to unexplained issues.
    • Independent of the purchase/sale circumstances, the service might be beneficial to any owner of industrial property rights who desires to audit their assets.

Why choose Wissen Research for Patent Due Diligence Service?

Wissen Research conducts a Patent Due Diligence thorough study to determine the quantity, quality, and validity of a patent or a company’s complete patent portfolio. It aids the purchaser in assessing the technical and legal factors around a patent to make informed commercial decisions. Here are the reasons why you should choose Wissen Research for your patent due diligence service:

  • The acquirer can use the Wissen Research Due Diligence service to determine whether the seller’s values are correct.
  • We assist sellers with outputs that help them add value to potential purchasers.
  • Technical and legal due diligence tasks are evaluated by separate teams.
  • Knowledge of the most recent patent laws and modifications.
  • Ability to determine precise patent expiry dates in accordance with relevant legislation.

Please contact Wissen Research directly if you have any questions concerning Patent Due Diligence.