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Trademark Filing Services

A trademark speaks to an organization’s business and the generosity related to it. On the off chance that suitably ensured and strategized, a trademark can give an enormous business favorable position to an association. Viable trademark administration and effective business esteem creation require knowledge of trademark law, sharp comprehension of the business, the capacity to anticipate conceivable openings and exploit business improvements.

Maintaining a distinct identity from the competitor requires a trademark. To preserve the uniqueness and to protect an individual’s brand, one should be proactive in registering their trademark.

Our Services - An Overview

  • Helping to guide the selection of an appropriate word, phrase, symbol, or design (or combination) to represent your products and services.
  • Performing a trademark screening to reduce the likelihood of rejected trademark applications at the Patent & Trademark Office.
  • Filing a trademark application with the Patent and Trademark Office to obtain a federal registration for your trademark.
  • Exploring the advisability of international protection in view of available Madrid Protocol and Community Mark (CTM) treaties and accordance with the advice of international attorneys in local jurisdictions.
  • Developing logo guidelines for consistent use of all trademarks by your company and its licensees.
  • Opposing third parties who attempt to register similar marks.
Trademark Filing

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Why choose Wissen Research?

  • Wissen Research offers a trademark availability search, conducted by technological experts, in order to pick the suitable mark and examine registration feasibility.
  • Having trademark specialists, skilled in filling out and prosecuting trademark applications in India and across the world. Our trademark team is well-versed in the procedure and can assist with any additional issues that may arise.
  • Ensures guarantee for mark, to protect from any fraudulent imitation or use, our experts maintain a close eye on it and provide trademark watch services to identify imitators on regular basis.
  • Provides assistance to secure international trademark protection, such as in the US, Mexico, Canada, the many countries of Europe, South Korea, India, and Israel.