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Apple patent new keyboard with removable keys that can use as mouse

Apple patent new keyboard with removable keys that can use as mouse

A new patent filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is working on a removable key that will be included in future MacBook accessories. It might be used as a mouse for quick display navigation. The patent filing, entitled it Deployable Key Mouse, describes the key’s appearance as well as its potential performance in a MacBook.

Apple files new patent for future keyboards

According to reports, Apple is working on producing a removable key that will include a position sensor. The main feature of this patent is the removable key structure, which will be used to offer key-based typing input as well as a computer pointing device using the position sensor. The developers hope to include this feature into future products in order to create a more comfortable, portable, and precise pointer input mechanism for computers. American tech giant will launch this novel portable key-based typing input and pointing gadget in a few years.

Aside from that, the engineers are striving to improve their current services, such as the Safari Technology Preview. They just released Safari Technology Preview 130, which rectifies and improves Web Inspector, CSS, JavaScript, Media, Web API, and Indexed DB. The update also adds a new Live Text feature to Mac Os, which gives an option to select and interact with text in web images. Users are waiting for Apple to make any announcements about the upcoming product launch, which is set to take place in September. Apple is also expected to release new iPhones, iPads, MacBook’s, Apple Watches, and Apple Pencils, according to experts.