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Patent Translation

Patent Translation Services

“Think Globally, Act Locally”

Patent Translation services are as important as words in a language. With the global economy booming, everybody wants to expand their company internationally. But for that you need to adapt yourself locally to that environment. Innovation is critical while competing in the global market. That’s why patent protection is so crucial: it safeguards the groundbreaking idea and provides a competitive advantage to the business.

What is the purpose of Patent Translation Service?

As patents are provincial rights and every jurisdiction has its language requirement so to acquire patent protection in international markets one must plan out the filing process and get their patent document translated. The main purpose of Patent Translation is providing fluid readability of the patent documents and tailor the content of the patent that caters to the need of global audience. It helps you choose the right words because we all know “Right Words Matter”.

Patent Translation services helps you to speak the language as per the natives of the country. Patent Translation helps you simplify your patent in another language and assist brands and organizations in achieving their global goals by providing them accurate word-to-word translation. Our patent translation services are completely secure and confidential.

What documents are covered by Patent Translation Services?

Patent translation services cover every type of patent and trademark application such as prior art documents, office actions, and all types of patents: utility, provisional, plant, and design. This helps you to adapt as the needs of the global audience.

Why choose Wissen Research for Patent Translation Services?

Despite the fact that patent translation is one of the most difficult sectors of translation that necessitates a flawless mastery of both, languages as well as subject matter experience and extensive terminology knowledge – you won’t have to worry if you choose the correct provider!

Wissen Research is a recognized patent translation firm with extensive legal and patent translation experience. Our highly qualified patent translators and linguists give a precise and timely solution, assuring patent protection success. Here are the reasons why you should choose Wissen Research for Patent Translation Services:

  • Our team translates technical, scientific, and medical documents in any requested language.
  • Expert translators trained in the language of intellectual property law in diverse jurisdictions.
  • Collaboration with highly qualified associates having science backgrounds among various countries.
  • Non-disclosure agreements bind all of our employees and contractors, ensuring that your confidential documents are adequately protected.
  • Our translation model entails workflow management and cross-check system, relevant software, and client interaction, culminating in a final output that integrates technical rigor and human linguistic subtleties.
  • Our quick turnaround times allow you to competently address Office Actions by emphasizing foreign examiners’ core reasons.
  • In addition to providing translation services, we prepare patent applications in compliance with specific jurisdiction protocols.
  • Our translators liaise with the patent drafter to ensure that the patent application is technically right and addresses all foreseeable modifications.