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An enterprise management system/software (EMS) to separate relevant data from irrelevant data. A tool attribute group and Artificial intelligence(AI) processes help the system to learn and builds up a knowledge database.

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Computers and networks are often protected by passwords. To gain access to the computer or network, a user must enter a password. The computer or network controller (server) authenticates the password by comparing the password entered by the user with a stored password. If the entered password matches the stored password, the user is given access. If not, the user is denied access.

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A namespace is a collection of names that each uniquely identifies an object. For example, the pathnames of a conventional file system uniquely identify the files of the file system and are thus a namespace for the file system. Namespaces, however, can contain the names of a wide variety of objects including files, computer input and output devices, users, and so on.

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Generally, an annotation will include one or more of the following: a region of interest, a pointer, and textual information such as a symbol, a label, and/or a caption. The visible portion of the annotation on the image may include the region of interest, the pointer, and the symbol

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Machine-learning malware detection for a zero-day system based on Kolter-Maloof algorithms. Collection of network data (events and files) through network interfaces to generate & store the metadata describing the analysis results like analyzed files, tags files, and events using analyzers.