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Copyright Filing Service

Copyright filing protects the creator’s rights from infringement. It provides legal protection, ensuring that no one else uses the copyright in any way without the owner’s permission. It safeguards the free expression of ideas, such as artistic creation (books, paintings, music, and computer programs are all examples of artistic work). Copyright protection keeps others from exploiting your work.

The copyright can be registered by the owner of the work and anyone who has obtained rights to the original work.

Benefits of Copyright Filing Service

  • Legal protection
  • Creation of asset
  • Restricts unauthorized production
  • Global protection
  • Rights of the owner
  • Makes work known

Why choose Wissen Research?

Wissen Research copyright filing and registration services are for all types of industries. We provide services for all types of industries with copyright filings for musical, literary, creative, IT, photographic, product design, and any other form of work. Our understanding of copyright laws and the registration procedures provides a vast contribution to our clients worldwide. For copyright filing, our experts thoroughly examine the required data, prepares the application, and files the necessary paperwork. Proper communication with the clients about important information passed by the Register.

There by we ensures

  • Copyright application drafting
  • Filing of copyright registration
  • Following the registering process
  • Advising clients on differential copyright protection to be sought for various industries and national systems