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A ceramic composition to use as an additive comprise: Up to 5% of magnesium oxide, At least 10% of alumina, and other substances are ceria and/or calcium oxide and/or iron oxide and/or sulfur trioxide and/or titanium oxide and/or other ingredients.

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A strand based on glass fibers having a τ/μ2 ratio greater than 9, where τ is yardage of the strand in Tex and μ is the diameter of the filaments in μm, and wherein the strand includes at least 6000 filaments, with yardage greater than 1200 Tex and a filament diameter greater than 11 μm.

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Use of duplex stainless steel in a urea plant (i.e. plant for the production of urea), and specifically in an apparatus, equipment, or device (or a part thereof) which is exposed to concentrated ammonium carbamate at high temperature.