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Response To Office Action

Wissen Research excels in preparing Office Action responses which is favorable to overcome the Patent Examiner’s objections or rejections. We prepare a thorough response to each of the examiner’s objections pursuant to different jurisdiction’s Patent office rules and guidelines. We’ve dealt with a wide range of objections and denials such as USC 101, USC 102, USC 103, and USC 112 with USPTO.

What an Office Action is?

Once the patent application is filed, USPTO examiner will examine the application and looks for prior art and also determine whether the specification meets all the requirements for a patent. If not, an official document “office action” will be issued disclosing any issues with your patent application.

Causes of Office Action

  • Error in the specification or improper format.

  • Obviousness of invention.

  • Issues with subject matter.

  • Lack of novelty and industrial applicability.

Office Action Responses

Response to Office Action

Firstly, we identify the types of issues raised by the examiner, and then we file an appropriate response accordingly by:

  • Applying amendments to claims, specification and illustrations.

  • Making persuasive arguments that the examiner may have misinterpreted the prior art.

  • Clear distinctions between the subject invention and the prior-arts and elaborating by taking reference.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • In house professionals and Of-Counsels with hands-on experience for designing an effective prosecution strategy for any jurisdiction’s patent applications.

  • Experienced personnel from major technical domains to counter the technical arguments of the examiner.

  • Strategic collaboration with legal experts from several nations.

  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost.

  • For clients who want to frame their own responses, we are then also available to handle the tedious task, such as performing a detailed technical analysis of the Examiner’s references and identifying the specific differences between the cited art and the invention, saving the Attorney time in drafting the Office Action response.