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Fair Use and Intellectual Property

Fair Use and Intellectual Property


Fair use is the copying of any work or products made for a limited and transformative purposes.

There are some circumstances whereby fair use permits other people to use copyrighted materials without the consent or permission from the owner.

In this kind of scenario, fair use acts as a defense against the use of copyrighted work by a third party.


Sound or Video clips for teaching

Educational videos or sound clips can be used by students and teacher to create multimedia presentations.

News report

These are reports found in newspapers to notify readers of what is happening in the world. This is usually done by journalists who are authorized to quote from a speech without permission from the owner.


This is how people express their opinions or give out an explanation about a certain scenario. Mostly, it is a series of comments, a description of a book or an illustration of a part of some other work. For instance, making a summary and a quote from a medical article about a certain disease in a news report can also be regarded as fair use. 


A parody is described as an imitation of someone else’s work. It can be a representation of a well-known part of writing, drama or music of what other people did.


In research, people can usually copy and publish a copyrighted work as long as they cite the owner or the source.


Here are mains difference between fair use and I.P.

  • Fair use allows a person or group to use someone work in limitation without obtaining any kind right from the owner. For example, in criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. You have to provide credit to the owner if you are using his/her work for any purposes. 
  • In fair use you can use small portion of someone work not entire. IP gives you full rights to protect your product to sell, use, copying and resell without your concern. 
  • One can use fair use for only for non-commercial and non-profit purposes. On other hand I.P is mainly use of commercial purposes.
  • Fair use is totally free any one can use it but intellectual property has various fees depending on need of user, country and requirement.

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