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Marketplaces Where You Can Buy and Sell Patents.

Marketplaces Where You Can Buy and Sell Patents.

There are several patent owners and entrepreneurs who are always frustrated whenever they want to find a perfect marketplace where they can be able to sell their inventions/products.

If you are trying to find good and trusted websites that can give you a 100% guarantee on selling or buying your inventions, then you are at the right place because this article will give you a brief description.


The patent mall is a free online marketplace for skillful inventors, research institutions, companies, manufacturers and entrepreneurs to connect.

This website provides solutions to research and development granting you accessibility to all networks of professionals, brilliant minds and industry masters.

  • To start, first register yourself in the patent mall website
  • Fill up necessary details.
  • Ensure you choose the right IP classification.
  • Search for buyer or sell your invention via listing. 


It is a business development company that works with entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a product or technology-based business. 

It is well-known marketplace which founded in year 2007, where one can list their patents and other invention for free. Best thing of this platform is they don’t charge any commission price from seller and buyer. 


IPwe is a global paid patent marketplace that is fully automated and provide safe and security of sell, buy patent. It uses power of A.I Technology to identification of patent to then do classification. It operates in more than 50 countries with its offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

It is committed to facilitating creations by assisting patent owners to generate their income.

IP Nexus.com

IP Nexus is quite famous platform where 67k plus patents are available. It allows patent owners to list their patents at zero cost but after a sale a charge of 12 % from for profit company and 4% from non-profit. They provide three type of registration one is free, plus ($129.95) and premium ($199.95).

IAM Market.

IAM Market has been active since 2015. It charge different fees to use its service. If you are a buyer, IAM Market is totally free, but if you are a seller it becomes a paid service.

It have 22 famous vendors who have biggest portfolio companies like Microsoft, Google, Sony and more.

It is a good choice for both people who are new or those who and experienced.

IAM Market also offer owners to generate sales and do transfer of technology.


It is Initiative by United States Patent and Trademark Office which is govt. organization manage all thing related to Patents and trademark. 

On this site, buying and selling are conducted in an authorized way more especially on entrepreneurs and inventors who are citizens of the United States. 

The service fee is not expensive as it is $25 for a single product. With this cost, the owners of the patent can list their patents with no fee for registration where the patents accessible are recorded for buying and licensing together with the contact information of the inventor or the entrepreneur.

Vibrant IP.

Vibrant IP is medical brokerage service provider that is mainly involved with buying and selling patents in the medical fields.

They focus on providing patents and trademark services related to these sub fields healthcare, medical, dental, pharma, life science and biotech.