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Patent Cooperation Treaty

Patent Cooperation Treaty

PCT is a way of Protecting patent internationally (more than 150 contracting states) by filing one application.


The main purpose of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) permits inventors to file an international patent application, which provides them strong patent protection of their invention in several countries.

Once you opt for a Patent Cooperation Treaty, there is no need to look for protection in other countries with different applications. Filing for a PCT application requires an inventor to be a national or resident of a contracting state, which simply means that the country must also be a party to the PCT.

The application filing can either be conducted in the National or Regional Patent Office of the country or WIPO.

This system ultimately saves time and money of applicant.




As an applicant, all you need is to do file an international application in a national or regional office or WIPO. Provide all necessary service requirements in one language and pay the fees once.

International search

One of the world’s biggest patent offices, International Search Authority(ISA) will do inspection the published patent documents and Non-patent literature which will help them to take action for the invention if it is patentable.

Disclosing of patent application

The content of your international application published to the world immediately after the expiration of 18 months starting from the filing date.

Supplementary international search

This search process happens when an applicant request for it. It is just an additional search to find out published documents which may not found by ISA because of prior art in different languages and had different technical field.

International preliminary examinations

The international preliminary examination carries out an additional patentability search by translating the content of your written application.

National phase

It is end phase of the process where, you have to decide whether, and in respect of which States, you wish to proceed your international application.



  • The rapid growth of economies to numerous developing countries.

The PCT operates as a significant element in different aspects that depend on a specific country. It indirectly fulfills requirement, modernization and development of industries and companies.

However, foreign licensors and investors are more interested in transferring technologies to help developing nations and also where production expenses are lower than developed nations. The PCT acts as an essential element to maintain the growth of economy and technological of a country .

  • It leads to more licensed technology that facilitates foreign investments.

After get a success in PCT application, patent owner can launch its product/invention in the market of more than 150 countries without the fear of infringement. This lead to foreign investment and growth of capitalization in nations which will increase employment rate.


  • Applicants may file their application in their own country.

The application filling process can be done with qualified regional offices or with the International center. Applicants have more time to decide on which foreign countries they would like to protect invention which also help saving money and time.

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