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What is Patent Docketing

Patent Docketing

Patent docketing has become an important technique in recent years. This is due to the fact that filing a patent is a time-consuming process that creates a lot of paperwork. As a result, it becomes difficult for businesses to keep track of their projects and meet multiple deadlines. To ease out the process, various firms hire patent docket specialists. In this article, we will focus on what is patent docketing, why is patent docketing important, benefits of patent docketing.

When patent applications undergo approval processes, there are countless details that need tracking – statements from patent offices, filling forms, patent drawings and so on. Patent applicants can benefit from high-quality IP docketing by properly storing their documents and meeting their deadlines.

What is Patent Docketing?

Patent Docketing is a method for managing the entire patent application process. Patent Docketing is an important tool for patent law firms since it can be difficult to organize the Patent application process for hundreds of patent applications without some sort of software/tool or system package to keep track of the many deadlines and documents involved. Many law firms hire docketing professionals to oversee the patent docketing process. In a nutshell, Patent Docketing ensures that all deadlines are followed, and that all documents are labelled and filed properly so that they may be accessed when needed.

Why is Patent Docketing Important?

Docketing allows legal professionals to keep track of deadlines for filing documents and responding to various actions. This ensures a smooth workflow, task delegation, and time management.

IP Docketing is particularly important because missing deadlines IP proceedings can result in hefty fines to recover actions. In a worst-case scenario, missing deadlines can result in abandonment of Intellectual property and ultimately, a loss of client rights.

Even the most experienced patent law firms find it difficult to maintain track of hundreds of patent application documents. That’s where an Wissen Research’s IP docketing specialist can help.

Benefits of Patent Docketing

  • Maintaining client data online reduces the burden of physical data storage.

  • Ease in portfolio access – anytime and anywhere.

  • The patent application process generates a great deal of paperwork, so patent docketing helps in proper organization of documents making it easier for attorneys to look at a particular patent application.

  • Updated country law in the docketing system ensures no deadlines are missed.


We have a professional team that assists with maintaining and taking necessary actions to meet patent application deadlines. We make sure that all critical dates for patent applications are properly docketed in advance, and that alerts are sent out on time, so that the client does not come near to being rejected. We keep track of all post-filing, pre-filing, and post-grant dates and deadlines for our clients’ patents and trademarks.

It is necessary to employ a docketing expert in order to receive timely alerts and to keep crucial records related to an application so that all deadlines are met and all documents are labelled and maintained in the relevant file so that they can be retrieved when needed.

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