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Trademark Search

You need this Ultimate Guide to Trademark Search

Do you know that as per USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), 18% of Trademark applications are rejected? The main reason for the rejection of these trademark applications could be not performing an extensive trademark search. That’s why here we are with our blog on Trademark Search which will guide you and provide all the details about Trademark Search. 

What is Trademark Search? Why is it really important?

With all the registered trademarks, a database is created by their respective patent and trademark office. This database has all the entries of the trademark registered with PTO. It includes all types of trademarks such as fresh applications, opposed, objected and abandoned trademarks. 

It is similarly necessary to be aware of comparable marks used in the sector. Therefore, before selecting a trading name for the business, a trademark search is a necessary first step.

If a company has already applied for a trademark in the relevant class of category, i.e., their trademark has impacted the registration process, it may use the initials “TM”. The trademark can be used with an enclosed “®” when the trademark application has been approved and registered.

To determine whether a specific trade name can be utilized in the industry, a trademark search is carried out.

What is the need to perform a Trademark Search?

A trademark search aids businesses in deciding whether or not to use a trademark (mark) for commercial purposes without triggering legal action for infringement. You need to do a trademark search because the main focus of a Trademark search is to include all the information sources whether from a narrow or broad perspective. The reason to perform a trademark search is that a confusingly similar can already be registered, so you don’t end up infringing anybody’s trademark. 

What are the steps to conduct a trademark search?

If you are someone who is looking to conduct a trademark search then, here are some steps, suggested by the USPTO, to conduct a trademark search: 

  • Specify the goods or services that bear the mark.
  • Use the Acceptable Identification of Goods & Services Online Manual to Identify Specific Terms for Your Product or Service.
  • Establish the International Class.
  • Find related products or services and their classifications.
  • Create a simple search strategy.
  • Expand Your Searching Methods.
  • Make the Search

Where can I perform a trademark search?

If you want to perform a Trademark Search, then as per the USPTO, you can do Trademark searches on TESS (the USPTO’s web-based Trademark Electronic Search System) at the nearby Patent and Trademark Resource Center (www.uspto.gov/ptrc) or if that’s not possible then you can do Trademark Search from your home as well, you just need stable Internet access.

How much does a trademark search cost?

A fair trademark search cost may vary from somewhere between $500 to $1500 or more depending upon the requirements. This amount offers the search that would include an attorney analysis of the findings. The trademark search is a common feature that many trademark attorneys offer as a part of their complete trademark packages.

What is the best, most trusted, trademark search and registration site?

The best and most trusted site to conduct trademark searches is TESS. TESS is the USPTO’s trademark database to see if the target trademark has already been registered or is still under process. 

To check whether the subject trademark is similar to any already registered and whether it has been used for relevant goods and services. The TESS database contains and provides records of both active and inactive trademark registrations and applications.


A Trademark Search plays a very important role as it helps you extract information related to similar trademarks which can reduce the scope of your trademark. Wissen Research can handle responsibilities by conducting thorough research of the existing trademarks and freshly filed applications. We assist in examining marks that can prohibit your mark from getting registered. So, get all the assistance related to the Trademark search service with Wissen Research