5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector

5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector

5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector You must have heard about the various advancements in agriculture that have led to various complex processes becoming easier. The more agricultural advancement happens the betterment of farmers will happen. But these Latest inventions in agriculture will help you learn about interesting insights on some of the advancements in the […]

Self-Healing Living Concrete

Self Healing Living Concrete Blog

Self-Healing Living Concrete No matter how strong concrete is, it will get cracks over time due to wear and tear caused by heat, water, and weather. You must be thinking, then what we can also get it repaired by people, well yes you can get that done but that requires time and money. That’s why […]

New Advancements in Skin Research and Technology

Skin Research & Technology

Skin Research & Technology In dermatology, there is a potential to ease most complicated treatments with advancement in technology. These advancements in Skin Research and Technology have emerged many technologies. These new advancements prove to very helpful as well as amusing for doctors to solve frustrating problems. That’s why we have brought our blog on […]

Emerging Technology in Mind Reading Robots

Mind Reading Robots

Mind Reading Robots We all know about Star Wars and Iron Man’s mind-reading technology, but did you know that this emerging technology is happening? Even though we still have a long way to go because scientists are working on a technology with the help of which they can read the human mind. This technology is […]

Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

Sustainable aviation fuel

Have any thought came to your mind that plant can make a plane fly?  No, right! But this is happening today. The Aviation industry has been keeping an eye on other alternatives to fossil jet fuels to reduce flight emissions. Planes are responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions and are responsible for 3.5% of […]

Green Hydrogen – A Fuel for Future

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen as a fuel for future Introduction “71% of a global greenhouse gas emission since 1988 can be traced back to just 100 fossil fuel companies” We see how pollution is on peak due to emission of carbon in the environment. With increase in use of fossil fuels, there is increase in pollution as […]

Ford receives a patent for a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine

Ford receives a patent for a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine

Ford receives a patent for a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine Ford announced earlier this month that it would split its business into two segments. Model E will be in charge of all-electric vehicles in the future, and a number of all-new EVs are presently being developed. The Blue division, on the other hand, will focus on […]

Growing Sector: Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Growth

Electric Vehicle Growth They often say “Electric vehicles are the way of the future” with the proper level of functionality, they are eco-friendly and hence a good choice for individuals. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, BMW, Mahindra, and Renault are among the companies producing revolutionary electric automobiles today. However, do we have any knowledge of […]