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In simple terms, a software patent is an intellectual property right that protects computer programs, codes, algorithms, library, User Interface (U.I) 

Software patent example

These examples help inventors understand that what kind of software can be patentable through USPTO. Some of the popular software patent examples are below

  • Amazon One-Click

This is a U.S.Patent that helps internet shoppers to avoid the online shopping cart in amazon website. It allows customers to purchase a product with a single click if they Had filled and saved important information like address, payment etc.

  • Central XOR

XOR is a U.S. Patent which deals with displaying images that have been stored in memory.

  • Coinbase Patent No.US10614430B2

US10614430B2 was patented on April 7, 2020, which describes a system and method for the transaction of bitcoin. It enables bitcoin to be sent to an email address with no miner’s fee. The system uses the private key of a Bitcoin address, then splits and distributes the key to keep the vault secure, allowing merchants and buyer to instantly exchange bitcoin and lock in a local currency price.

Can you get a software patent?

Frankly, it takes some extra effort to get a software patent. It’s not an easy task you can face some difficulties when you are doing patent for your software.

The following enlists are some challenges that you may face through in the software patent application process.

  • Defining your software

You and your patent attorney have to define the software invention’s functionality in detail.

  1. What is unique about my software?
  2. What is software’s desired function?
  3. How does the software handle information?
  4. What is the user interface like?
  5. What problems does the software solve?
  6. What parts of my program do I want to protect with a patent?
  • Perform Research

Carrying out a (freedom to operate search) before the launch of the application prices are highly recommended.

FTO Search can be difficult task for a newbie. Consider cooperating with your lawyer or specialist patent analyst during the search. After your search, you should also compile a detailed report about other patents that may be similar to your invention, it will be helpful.

  • Work on the Application

For a software patent application to be considered it should have the following parts:

  1. A description of the system in which your software works
  2. A flowchart that shows a general overview of how the software will work
  3. More flowcharts that provide many details about how your software will attain its goal

Flowcharts will make it easier for you and your audience to understand your invention in-depth.

  • Rely on attorney

A well-qualified lawyer guides you throughout the patent application process. An attorney is most important person especially when you’re drafting your application. This is a very crucial step because it will be hard to change it after you apply.  The claims describe the specific parts of your software that you want the patent to protect, so it is they are an especially important part of the process. It is less likely that the USPTO will not rejected if if you work together with your attorney to fill out the application.

Are software patents worth it?

A software patent may not be worth your time or money, but there are other alternative strategies to protect yourself.

software patents feel like a joke, the application process can be tedious. You can lose a ton of money through the process that might even fail.

Listed below are the possible outcomes in the process of obtaining a software patent:

  • Spending almost $5,000-$10,000 to hire a patent attorney to write about your idea in a patent format.
  • Waiting for about one to two years.
  • Continue paying your attorney while they “update” you on the progress and help on slight things like keeping the paperwork filed.
  • Possibly your patent might be denied.
  • If denied you’ll again spend another $5,000-$20,000 to have the patent attorney

So, from the above points you can imagine , the software patent application process can be tedious and fairly expensive. A patent rejection will be so devastating too.

However, on the other hand, protecting your intellectual property can be incredibly beneficial. Not only can it give you a step ahead of the competition, . And that is why Wissen Research Company is here to go through with you to all the whole process and help you get your patent for your software or other product/invention.