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Mind Reading Robots

Mind Reading Robots

We all know about Star Wars and Iron Man’s mind-reading technology, but did you know that this emerging technology is happening? Even though we still have a long way to go because scientists are working on a technology with the help of which they can read the human mind. This technology is “mind-reading robots”. These mind-reading robots can read your mind and take appropriate actions according to the movements you make. That’s why we have come up with our blog that will tell you about this emerging technology. But let’s first understand, 


What is Mind Reading? 

Mind reading can be said as the ability to where electrical activity in the human brain can be interrogated and manipulated. This is done to understand what biochemistry the brain does for the body. 

For example, a doctor can examine your body and tell the potential diseases by detecting your body. In a similar context, monitoring of electrical activity can be done to reveal any neurological illness. It can also help in understanding brain conditions like ADHD and schizophrenia. 


Advancements in Mind Reading Robots 

Robots have been a huge part of our lives for decades and they have been advancing at a rapid rate. Some robots have medical uses, such as in surgery or prosthetic limbs. And now, social robots are becoming a normal thing in the lives of people. They are being used as a tool for therapy in nursing homes and are even becoming a normal part of our children’s education. It’s expected that by 2050 there will be about 100 million robots in our midst!

Fast-paced environments need robots that are intelligent enough to understand and respond in a way that shows an understanding of human intention. The electric activity in a human brain can be tracked and can help provide valuable information about what a person is thinking, which is why it’s an important technology to develop because it would not only help set up the proper expectations for consumers but would also help you design better marketing strategies.

The primary control system for mind readers is the brain-computer interface. Conceptually based on electroencephalography, this interface measures the electrical activity of the brain via EEG (a technology used in healthcare to maximize brain performance). Based on certain measurable patterns in the oscillating waveforms that are produced when neurons communicate through electric impulses, a computer-brain system can read thought patterns and understand previously undiscovered information about an individual’s subconscious as well as their conscious thoughts/decisions. 


Major application Industries 

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Space research
  • Education and Academic Institutions
  • Military and Defense


Major Factors leading Growth of Revenue in the Mind Reading Robots Market:

  • Growing acceptance of robotics and automation for carrying out routine, everyday tasks
  • A rising focus on minimizing human labour
  • Introducing robotics to the medical field
  • Patients with physical limitations can execute tasks with mind-reading robots. 


Factors constricting growth of the Mind Reading Robots Market: 

Factors that are anticipated to significantly slow the market’s revenue growth include the following: 

  • High installation costs, the need for specialized knowledge, 
  • The fact that robots can only perform a limited range of tasks and cannot interact with people, and 
  • High Risk that robot malfunctions can pose a threat to human life and property.


Opportunities for major companies in the Mind Reading Robots Market: 

  • performing functions efficiently and quickly
  • extensive application in various industries such as medicine, space research, transportation, and delivery industries


Major Companies in the Market Includes: 

  • BB Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Seiko Epson Corporation
  • Denso Corporation
  • Yaskawa Electric Corporation
  • OMRON Corporation
  • Stäubli International AG
  • Fanuc Corporation
  • Kawasaki Robotics (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  • KUKA AG 


Patents in Mind Reading Robots

  • CN112008725A – Human-computer fusion brain-controlled robot system
  • CN114536361A – Brain-computer interface robot motion control method
  • CN113837121A – Epidemic prevention robot vision and hearing collaborative perception method and system based on brain-like
  • CN108304767A – Human action’s intention assessment training method based on more brain area cooperated computing
  • US8020104B2 – Contextual responses based on automated learning techniques


Way Ahead

The greatest challenge for scientists is to decode the human brain. The development of brain-computer interfaces to read brain signals has been made possible by the accomplishment of several research projects and clinical trials.

The fields of forensics, academics, and medicine will undoubtedly be significantly impacted by future breakthroughs in the realm of mind-reading robots. Wissen Research keeps you updated with emerging technologies, if you are looking to know more about such emerging technologies in any specific industry then visit our emerging technology service