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Design Patent Search

A design patent is a sort of legal security granted to the artistic and aesthetic entreaty of an operational product. A design patent search empowers the authentic owner to eliminate others from creating, utilizing, or selling the patented design for a precise period 15-year term from the date of grant.


Without filing a patent on your design, you might run the risk of the same design being used by contenders. Our expertise saves you a lot of time and money by doing a thorough design patent search. A design patent search safeguards the original design of an existing product or item. It renders the patent holder legal protection against anyone attempting to steal or copy the design.

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How Wissen Research benefits you?

Wissen Research has access to various tools and has formulated various strategies to achieve greater and accurate results in design patent search. Wissen Research uses Locarno classes to a great effect to retrieve the best of the prior-arts. A design patent is divided into modules and then analyzed. Every module of a design patent undergoes a thorough examination. To find related designs, we use a variety of keywords and their variations. It’s best to contact our experts if you’re serious about a design patent right. We are operating advanced search tools such as Orbit design, WIPO design search, Global design database, and other public databases to identify additional patents or pending applications that directly compete with your idea. We follow a detailed process to scrutinize the key elements for every design. We analyze your design and compare it to granted patents over the past 14 years. We will let you know if you have a good case for a design patent after the review.

Below are some of the inventions that can be protected in terms of quality and features that they acquire:

  • Shoe designs

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Automobiles

  • Computer icons

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Sports Items

  • Consumer Goods