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Gene Sequence Search

Biological Sequence Search

Wissen Research offers an influential bio sequence search (biological sequence search) that utilizes viable patent database search strategies to determine all relevant prior references by using various smart bio sequence databases such as STNext, CAS registry, MMS Gene, Genome Quest, DCR, NCBI Blast, Derwent SequenceBase, Patent Lens, Orbit Biosequence, etc.

With a dedicated team of biotechnology specialists in various domains, we provide high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective results to the customers.

We have conducted more than 1000 biological sequence searches so far.


Biological Sequence Search is conducted to identify a specified sequence of of amino acids/genes/peptides etc. in a patent or non-patent documents. The client utilizes this search to check whether the bio sequence is novel because the novelty of the bio sequence is reliant on the distinctive combination of nucleotides or amino acids. Keyword-based search alone will not be effective to extract the entire relevant data set, hence a thorough sequence search is a must.

Wissen Research allocates the significant search to a devoted team of biological experts, equipped with compatible databases and tools requisite for leading an extensive sequence search. Our non-patent literature research covers any published articles, newspaper,  journals, magazines, medline and ScienceDirect database, as well as free databases such as Google, Google Scholar, and NCBI.

Gene Sequence Search

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  • Sequence search algorithms and tools
  • Multiple sequence alignment tools
  • Sequence motif identification

How we work in Biological Sequence Search?

Wissen research provides detailed insights into the structure, function, and organization of cellular systems protein and genomic sequence. Significant features of genes include systemizing promoter regions, protein-coding regions, and intron-exon boundaries. Protein sequence analysis involves identifying functional motifs and patterns. Sequence search tools assist in identifying similar sequences in protein and genomic databases.

Why choose Wissen Research?

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