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Technology Scouting

New Technology scouting is a search, analysis, and filtration process that helps companies discover and support licensing/acquisition of innovative technologies. New technologies frequently generate a whole new market, providing a crucial competitive advantage, or placing existing products or even entire businesses in jeopardy.

Wissen Research provides professional technology scouting services for businesses of all sizes looking for innovative technologies in their area or beyond. Our expert staff can search through hundreds of start-ups from all around the world in search of the best solutions. We have extensive experience and offer solutions to a variety of organisations.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • To recognize, discover, and analyse innovative technology in your industry and beyond.
  • Our Technology scouting professionals covers global territory and has 10+ years of experience.
  • Our team help businesses to make informed decisions on new ideas.
  • Customized report that ranks technology based on scalability, feasibility, and different parameters.
  • Assist diverse networks, including R&D teams, start-up companies, innovators, and institutions, in collaborating.