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Technology Scouting

Technology Scouting

New emerging technologies can create new market opportunities, increase the competitiveness of the market and endanger existing technologies or industries. To stay competitive in the market, steady research and development are required to explore alternative approaches to the issues at hand or to develop a new technological solution.

What is Technology Scouting?

Technology scouting is the systematic gathering of scientific and technical knowledge through information-gathering, analysis, and development activities carried out with the use of specialized and highly professional research equipment, tools, and online sources.

Technology Scouting helps you to identify, investigate and analyze various cutting-edge technology in your sectors or beyond. It outlines distinct problem-solving strategies to pinpoint technologies. Technology Scouting reports assist and enable you to intelligently decide which novel concepts are useful for you. These reports classify various technologies based on various factors such as scalability, feasibility and various other parameters.

What is the main Purpose of Technology Scouting?

The main purpose of Technology Scouting is to investigate opportunities or challenges in technology, pinpointing all possible solutions to the challenges and exploring the practicality of the solutions to the challenges and checking how aligned they are with the company’s internal capabilities. Technology Scouting is a search, analysis, and filtration process that helps companies discover and support licensing/acquisition of innovative technologies.

New technologies frequently generate a whole new market, providing a crucial competitive advantage, or placing existing products or even entire businesses in jeopardy. Research and Development experts look for technologies outside their organisations. It is a crucial component of the open innovation strategy that has recently gained popularity, in which R & D personnel search for technological potential externally.

Why choose Wissen Research for Technology Scouting Services?

Wissen Research focuses on various Technology Scouting and searches to provide our clients with the best approach and results that will assist you in making critical decisions for their business expansion.

Wissen Research provides professional Technology Scouting services for businesses of all sizes looking for innovative technologies in their area or beyond. Our expert staff can search through hundreds of start-ups from all around the world in search of the best solutions.

We have extensive experience and offer solutions to a variety of organisations. Here are the reasons Wissen Research is a good fit for you to provide Technology Scouting Services:

  • To recognize, discover, and analyze innovative technology in your industry and beyond.
  • Our Technology Scouting professionals cover global territory and have 10+ years of experience.
  • Our team help businesses to make informed decisions on new ideas.
  • Customized report that ranks technology based on scalability, feasibility, and different parameters.
  • Assist diverse networks, including R&D teams, start-up companies, innovators, and institutions, in collaborating.