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Chemical Structure Search

Chemical Structure Search

At Wissen research, a search team of experienced subject matter experts helps you find the exact chemical structures, substructures and finding relevant prior-arts against some of the most complex cases by our hyper-targeted, thorough and unconventional search strategies.


A chemical structure search helps in identifying chemical information/structures that have been mentioned in patent as well as non-patent documents. Conducting a chemical structure search is crucial for discovering the most relevant references in various services such as patentability search , invalidation Search and clearance searches, especially in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and biochemistry.

Chemical Structure Search

Credits: www.wipo.int

How we perform Chemical Structure Search?

We carry out chemical structure searches using CAS number and on various databases as Orbit Chemistry, STN, Reaxys/Elsevier, PubChem, ChemSpider, sureChEMBL, and Scifinder to dig out the significant patents and non-patent literature with precision. Chemical structure comes in handy when IUPAC names, compound name and common names are not enough to perform a detailed search. With the help of these tools, it has now been easy to search for organic molecules and the Markush structure of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), polymers, chemical compounds, and reactions. Over the years we have developed in depth understanding of these databases and have developed strategies to derive the best output from these databases.

  • Outperformed more than 150 chemical structure searches.
  • Employing unique search strategies using narrow and broad structures (exact structure, substructures) and keyword based (formula, CAS number and IUPAC).
  • Customized reports as per client’s requirements. Our search report is comprehensive and includes details such as chemical structures found, relevant replacements, coverage details, and so on.